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Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> election day meant long lines for voters in virginia. now the state's democratic party is calling for an investigation into why some people had to wait so long to cast their ballots. as northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports now, some local elected officials also want their own reviews into what went wrong. >> reporter: it was almost november 7th, and many polls had been closed for hours before some virginia voters cast their ballots tuesday. at this prince william county polling place some people reported waiting five hours to vote. in fairfax county, one polling place was open until 10:30. and two-hour waits were common in various precincts. >> just unacceptable. why weren't the proper preparations taken. we knew it was going to be a big turnout. >> reporter: that's bryan moran. he said long waits were in rif mobbed. now he's calling on the governor to instruct the state board of elections to do a full investigation. he says turnout also reached new highs in 2008, but there weren't similar problems then. >> why did it go so poorly this y
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
? >> wendy, president obama's first remarks since being re-elected that he and congress have no choice. reach an agreement before the end of the year or taxes will go up for everyone, which could mean another recession. that's a deadline that's looming and the so-called fiscal cliff. in a speech at the white house today, the president said he's open toioids, as long as the wealthiest realize they have to do their part. >> i am not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: just about two h r hours before president obama spoke, speaker of the house john boehner had his own news conference saying raising the highest rates will only hurt the economy more and proposed extending tax cuts from t bush era until 2013. >> everyone wants to get our economy moving, again. everyone wants to get more americans back to work, again. raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> so, all we
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
democratic leader. >> nancy pelosi is the only woman ever elected as speaker of the house. she served in that capacity from 2007 to 2011, when the democrats lost their majority. her decision to remain in place means the democratic leadership is likely to remain as it is right now with maryland congressman steny hoyer as her deputy chief. >>> another cool day across our area. we're not goi to get a break anytime soon now. chief meteorologist doug kammerer has more on this chilly week. >> normally this time of year we have a little bit of ups and downs. mostly this month we've been well below average. that just continued during the day today. high temperatures today did not make it out of the 40s. right now, some of you are already in the 30s at 5:00 at night. 45 degrees is the number at the airport. winds out of the northeast at eight miles an hour. that gives us a windchill of 41. it is a very chilly night tonight. take a look at these numbers. gaithersburg, already down to 39 there. 39 as well toward winchester, back towards leesburg and manassas. the current temperature at 43. tal
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
, there is an investigation going on on the cia director. they must be sitting on it for the election. the cia is clear saying no, he didn't know what was going on. >> in some ways, the details are coming out ahead of the context. >> i think there's a lot to that. that's right. i think what you'll see, look. i don't know what will happen next. i certainly couldn't have predicted what happened this morning. >> no one could. >> but i am told that at least people who seem to know here say this is about it. i think what we're going to see a lot more of in the next 24 to 48 hours is reporting on who were these women? who was paula broadwell? who was jill kelley? what kind of people were they? >> will they see people testify on the hill? >> two issues the hill is interested in. for them the most pressing case is the attack on the american in benghazi. general petraeus was to have testified on thursday. there's still interest from members of the intelligence committee to get him to testify. remember, that was not to be a public session. so whether he will appear this week or whether it will be later, members of the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4